Integrating marketing mediums together…the Cadbury way

The sole purpose of this campaign was to show consumers that there is a flavour of chocolate bar for everyone. Through the implementation of a variety of mediums including television, sales promotion, social media, experiential and outdoor Cadbury has managed to engage their audience with their fun and quirky ads.

To start with, the television ad initiated the interest in the market, which then flowed through in the rest of the campaign with outdoor, sales promotion, interaction online, and experiential activations all generating additional interest. All 5 mediums are integrated into each other:

  • Their television ads referring back to their social media page, with the end board including “join the flavour conversation” with the link to their Facebook page.
  • Their social media page includes information about their experiential campaign, “attention all Cadbury Dairy Milk flavour fans. If you’re passing by Customs House, Circular Quay tomorrow between 10am – 6pm, be sure to stop by and have your true chocolate flavour match revealed by our Cadbury Joy Generator!” therefore encouraging consumers to visit the Joy Generator and “join the flavour conversation”
  • Their experiential campaign also ran at the same time as the sales promotion, therefore enhancing the likelihood of participants of the Joy Generator purchasing a chocolate bar due to the discount.
  • Their outdoor medium also includes references to their campaign and a link to their Facebook account.

Through the implementation of Facebook into the Joy Generator activation, participants are most likely going to ‘like’ Cadbury Dairy Milk on Facebook, therefore adding extra momentum and followers to their campaign and Facebook account.

Overall, I believe that the integration of all of mediums into each other has been executed efficiently but also effectively, further enhancing the success of their campaign overall.


Facebook, (2014). Cadbury Dairy Milk. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Jul. 2014].


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