Did Cadbury’s campaign work in their favour?

Over the past 5 blog posts we have delved into the world of Cadbury to analyse their latest campaign, ‘what flavour do you favour?’ With the aim of achieving social conversation about the nation’s flavour preferences and “unlocking the joy of trying something different” I believe it is safe to say that Cadbury has managed to achieve this through their campaign.

I believe that not only has it become a success in most likely profitability (unfortunately due to the campaign still being carried out, statistics regarding profitability of the company haven’t been released) but has also successfully engaged current and prospective consumers and introduced consumers to new and exciting flavours of the Dairy Milk range. Through the launch of their campaign, Cadbury has implemented a number of touch points into their campaign, engaging a vast customer base. Steve Chantry, head of marketing said, “our campaign will invite everyone on a journey to see, share and participate in the wonderful world of Cadbury Dairy Milk, introducing the true breadth and depth of all flavours in the range”.

The campaign not only generated excitement for consumers but also had PR around the country singing Cadbury’s praises about their latest campaign, therefore enhancing the effectiveness of the campaign further.

It can be said that through the effective integration of multiple mediums into their campaign, Cadbury has the ability to develop on their campaign further, whether it be expanding on their product range or creating a whole new campaign concept, Cadbury has the ability to achieve greatness.


B&T, (2014). Celebrate your favourite flavour – B&T. [online] Available at: http://www.bandt.com.au/marketing/Celebrate-your-favourite-flavour-with-Cadbury [Accessed 9 Jul. 2014].


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