How does Cadbury ensure their campaign is effective?

When implementing a marketing campaign it is essential that the campaign is effective and successfully gets the message across to the consumer. As discussed in previous posts, Cadbury have integrated a number of marketing mediums in order to deliver the message to their extensive audience. Consideration has been taken to ensure that their campaign attracts attention, interest, desire and causes viewers to commit an action, such as buying their products, in turn taking into consideration the AIDA model.

The AIDA model helps marketing departments develop effective communication strategies and communication with customers in a way that better responds to their needs and desires. See below an analysis on how Cadbury’s campaign has followed the AIDA theory:

  • Attention – through the creation of the Cadbury dominoes television ad, attention is attracted as the concept is fun and exciting and may be something that consumers may wish to do themselves. Through this unique concept consumers are highly likely to remember the ad, ideally remembering the products being advertised as well.
  • Interest – through the discount sales promotions seen in both Woolworths and Coles, interest is created as consumers may see the sales promotion as an opportunity to try one of the new products available to them.
  • Desire – Cadbury’s social media campaign convinces consumers that they want the product through the inclusion of recipes using Cadbury Dairy Milk blocks which would appeal to any chocolate lover!
  • Action – the inclusion of the “Cadbury Joy Generator” experiential aspect of their campaign calls on consumers to take action and participate in the activity in order to understand what flavour they are most suited to. The end board used in both television advertisement offers customers to “join flavour conversation” on Facebook.


Boundless, (2014). AIDA Model – Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 Jul. 2014].


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