Lets talk Cadbury Dominoes!

Since beginning this blog, I have noticed that Cadbury has utilized a number of different marketing mediums including television, outdoor, sales promotion, experiential and social media. Cadbury’s current campaign aims to achieve social conversation about the nation’s flavor presences and “unlocking the joy of trying something different.”

At the beginning of the campaign, 15 second and 60 second TVC ads were released. Known as the ‘Cadbury Dominoes’ the ads show thousand of blocks of different flavoured Cadbury Dairy Milk bars all lined up within a cul de sac, ready for someone to push one bar and for the rest to follow. The advertisement shows a homeowner pushing one of the blocks and seeing the remaining blocks fall as well. The characters are shown to be happy and enjoying the thrill of chasing after the blocks and choosing a flavour to eat, therefore achieving their main objective “unlocking the joy of trying something different”.  This mass marketing strategy, will not segment their market however, the product will be promoted on a larger scale.


Integrated with the TVC campaign is the outdoor advertising campaign, most of which is seen in the form of billboards. See below two examples of outdoor advertising that have been seen in the streets of Sydney on both bus shelters and telephone boxes. Again, like the TVC campaign this form of advertising is mass media.


Sydney CBD billboard

Sydney CBD billboard

North Sydney Billboard

North Sydney Billboard

In my next blog post I will further discuss the sales promotion, social and experiential mediums that Cadbury has utilised within their campaign.


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